Come back to balance, wholeness and overall wellness

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                                                Health Coaching

I incorporate Health Coaching and Functional Movement Training to provide  goal-oriented results in each and every session.  

These sessions are  catered to you and your specific health & wellness goals. 

 Initially we will sit down to review your health history and get really clear on what it is that you want to focus on.  By looking at how you've felt in the past, how you feel today and how you'd like to feel in the future, we can narrow in on what changes need to be implemented.

  This is a great opportunity to move forward in your life feeling more empowered, informed and aware of your own bio-individuality. 

Health Coaching & Functional Movement Sessions:

6 Month Programs: Meet 2x monthly $90/60 minute session

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                                               Massage Therapy

  I am a Certified Massage Therapist and have been in the business since 2012.

I've trained with some amazing Therapists who specialize in modalities  of Thai, Ashiatsu and Deep Tissue.   
  I specialize in deep, theraputic techniques that will leave you feeling relaxed yet aware . 

   I do offer "Add On" Massage opportunities if you sign up for Health or Functional Movement Coaching.

I sincerely believe that Massage is a necessity and not a luxury. 

     There is a plethora of benefits from body work. 

The only way to fully understand is to get in the habit of booking sessions on a regular basis.
30 Minute: $50
60 Minute: $90
90 Minute: $135
120 Minute: $180


  Functional Movement Class:

  Utilize the benefits of Foundation Training and Yoga to find body                                awareness, reduce pain, and improve balance while on your journey to overall    wellness. 
  Sundays:  Please contact me if interested in attending as location may change                            from week to week
                       BodyWorx Martial Arts
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